The Right Expert
When you have a migraine that last for days, you go to a General Practitioner to have it rectified. If you are pregnant, you go to a OB/GYN; If you have an issue with your ears, nose and throat, you go to an ENT specialist. So why not visit a Trichologist, when you are faced with a Hair and Scalp disorder?

What's inside?
  •  This quick and simple e-book, points you in the right direction, when you need assistant with your hair and scalp issues.  
  •  Transitioning from a full and bouncy head of hair, to a thin, sparse and limping hair can have a devastating effect on your self-confidence, and emotions.
  •   Know how an expert takes a step further by focusing on the underlying reason for such a hair loss, while tailoring a solution for you.
  •  How to choose a Trichologist who can assist you both physically and emotionally while you treat your hair and scalp issues.
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